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Installing Moodle/Install draft

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Template Firstly, don't panic! :-) (Tradition -like Plato's beginnings are important)

This guide will outline how to install Moodle for the first time. Moodle can be installed on a wide variety of systems. When you see something of interest, be sure to click on the link for more details. Don't panic, once you know how to do it you can install Moodle in minutes!

Moodle outline

  • Before you start
    • Moodle is
    • Technology requirements - Server OS types, memory etc.
    • Terminology - branches off to new page (I like Drupals page idea)
    • Moodle Partners - Third party resouces
  • Installation guide
    • Downloading Moodle
    • Uploading Moodle into Servers - pick your server type, branch to the page?
    • Installation script explained - very brief, own page(s), doesn't every server type see the same thing at this point?
  • Immediately after install
    • Cron
    • Quality Control & tests
  • Trouble shooting
    • FAQ
    • List trouble shooting section and/or links on every OS page as well

A different approach

Drupal outline For reference I just provide here the structure of the instructions for installing Drupal handbook page which might provide some guidelines for structuring our content:

  • Getting started (Default scenario)
    • Before you start
      • Understanding Drupal concepts
      • Technology stack
      • Drupal version numbering
      • Terminology
      • Third party resources
      • Drupal in your language
    • Installation guide
      • System requirements
      • Download Drupal
      • Grant write permissions on the configuration file
      • Create the database
      • Run the install script
      • Set up cron
      • Advanced installation
  • Troubleshooting FAQ (When things go wrong)