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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Inspector role.

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The role of Inspector may be used to provide external inspectors with permission to view all courses (without being required to enrol).

Role set-up

  1. Access Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles
  2. Click the button "Add a new role"
  3. Give the role a name e.g. Inspector, short name and description
  4. Change the capability moodle/course:view to allow
  5. Click the button "Add a new role"

Role assignment

  1. Access Administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles
  2. Choose the role to assign
  3. Select a user in the potential users list, and use the left-facing arrow button to add it to the existing users list
  4. Optional (from 1.8 onwards): To hide an Inspector role user, click the "Hidden assignments" check box before adding them to the existing users list. (If this is not done, then the user is listed as a course participant.)


Since the inspector role has been given the moodle/course:view capability, inspectors will

  • see all courses in their "My Courses" list, in "My Moodle", etc.,
  • see events from all courses in their personal calendar,
  • be shown to teachers as a course participant in any case (though marked as "hidden assignment" if set up this way).

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