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Import and export FAQ

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How do I import users?

How do I import course data?

How do I import and export grades?

How do I import glossary entries?

For details see Import glossary entries.

Very useful tools are:

  • Moodle XML converter Convert your glossary online just uploading your text and get Moodle XML file to import entries. Supports all glossary options, different types of input entries - Excel, concept - definition, Concept <break> definition, and some others. Also can convert from Moodle XML to text.
  • David Fountain's Excel macro An Excel workbook with macros to create an XML file.
  • Yasu Imao's Moodle glossaryXMLconverter_html 4 A JavaScript based converter, works directly in your browser.

How do I import and export database entries?


How can I enable Excel export for students?

With the Database activity you have the ability to allow students to export all the data in the following formats: CSV, Excel and ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet from OpenOffice). ExportTab.png

With this functionality students can choose to export the data of all fields or only of selected fields. (Picture fields cannot be exported.)

However, this feature is not enabled by default for students. You need to override the student permissions for the Database activity and choose 'Allow' for the permission to 'View presets from all users'. EnableExportView.png

This will result in the 'Export' tab being visible to students in the Database activity.

Also see this thread for a discussion on this.

How do I import and export questions?

See also his website for converting Moodle Questions into tables in a Microsoft Word file, and vice versa.

Which formats are used for importing questions?

If you want to create questions outside of Moodle these two text based formats might be the most important:

  • GIFT - Moodle 'proprietary' text format for import and export. Reasonably comprehensive.
See GIFT format.
Here is a 2-column GIFT format reference sheet: GIFT Reference Sheet
  • Moodle XML - Moodle 'proprietary' xml format for import and export. Very comprehensive.

You find the complete list of supported formats under Import questions.

Which file formats can I use?


What encodings should I use?

The recommended standard encoding for all Moodle files is UTF-8.

Some of this information is collected at UTF-8 and BOM.

See also:

See also

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