Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: File picker FAQ.

File picker FAQ

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Here are some common question about Moodle's File picker. You might also find File FAQ and Folder FAQ useful.

Who can access the file I uploaded?

  • Anyone enrolled in a course area where the file is displayed can access that file.
  • Anyone with editing access in a course area where the file is displayed can link to that file in turn.
  • If you want to prevent either of these kinds of access, use your Private Files.

Where is the file I uploaded?

  • You can always find your file in the File Picker and link to it from anywhere in any of the other areas or courses you have editing rights in.
  • Look in Recent Files first - this shows (by default) the last 50 files a user uploaded. NOTE: Recent files will only show files of the type it thinks you want - so if you are searching from within the image icon in the TinyMCE editor for example, then Recent files will only show images you uploaded and not, say, Word documents.
  • If it isn't in Recent files then try to where you uploaded it originally, ie into which course and into which context (section of a course or activity type)
    • Click Server files
    • Follow the breadcrum (navigation) trail back to the category in which the course is where you uploaded your file
    • Click the course where you uploaded your file
    • You will find your file in a folder with the same name inside that course. You can then select it and use in a different place in Moodle.

Can I move items around in the File Picker?

No. Moodle associates files with activities. You need to navigate to these activities to link to them.

How can I create shared folders of common files for others to access?

  • When creating a folder of files using add a resource > folder the files are then visible and editable to other teachers in the course. The resource can be hidden with the "eye" icon to keep it out of student view.
  • Another method to create and share files and folders out of sight of students is to usethe Legacy course files repository which must be enabled first by the administrator. It is a way of creating a "course files" area for teachers but is not recommended as it has significant security and backup issues.
  • It is also possible for someone with server access to create a File system repository as a common area into which they FTP materials for teachers to access in their courses. However, this involves admin rights and FTP access to the server and so for regular users is not particularly practical.

Can I have my own file storage area??

  • There is a Private files link is visible in the file picker if the admin has enabled it in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage repositories.
  • If this is the case then a user will have a link in their profile settings (and, if added, in a side block) to a personal area into which they can upload files and organise folders.
  • The uploaded files and folders may then be selected from the Private files link in the file picker.

Is there a way to upload a lot of files at once?

  • Yes - add your files to a folder on your computer; zip/compress the folder; upload the zipped folder and then unzip it within Moodle. Depending on what you want to do with the files you would either use the File or Folder resource
  • See also the contributed module Drag and Drop file upload

Is there a way to delete files from the file picker?

See Repositories FAQ. You cannot delete files, since they may be used elsewhere. The system cleans them up after a period of time.

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