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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Exercise module.

The Exercise activity is a simple but powerful assignment tool where the teacher asks the students to do a piece of practical work. The student's self assessment and the teacher's evaluation of the self assessment and the submitted work make up the grade for the assignment.

An exercise could be writing an essay or a report, preparing a presentation, etc. When the student has done the task they must first self-assess their work before submitting it to the teacher. Once submitted the teacher assesses the piece of work itself. The teacher can give feedback to the student and ask the student to improve the work and re-submit it or not. The final grade is based on how well the student assessed their own work and the work itself.

Note: The Exercise module is a contributed module which is included in the standard Moodle download for historical reasons. It is disabled by default. Many of its features can be found in the Workshop module.


The administrator must make the Exercise activity visible using the modules > activities link in the Site administration block.

Most fields on the settings page for Exercise have help buttons which describe them in more detail. The fields include:

Title, Description, Grade for Student Assessment,Grade for Submission, Grading Strategy, Handling of Multiple Submissions, Number of Comments, Assessment Elements, Grade Bands, Criterion Statements or Categories in a Rubric, Comparison of Assessments, Use Password, Password, Maximum Size, Deadline, Number of Entries in League Table, Hide Names from Students, Group mode, and Hide from students.

Development notes

The Exercise module was originally written by Ray Kingdon for Moodle 1.3, who also developed the Workshop module. As noted above, the Exercise module is considered a non-standard module. The plan was to include the Exercise features in the Workshop module (the first third party add on developed for Moodle) and as of 1.8 this has largely been accomplished.

The development goal is to finish the consolidation of the Workshop (and Exercise) and the Assignment modules.

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