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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Dfwiki module.

DFWiki is an alternative wiki module to the current (1.7.X) Moodle Wiki module (ErfurtWiki or ewiki).

There are two versions of DFwiki.

  • DFwiki-- Alternative module that works for moodle 1.5.x
  • NWiki (New Wiki) - A replacement for the Moodle wiki module (that we hope that will be official on 1.9 ... let's cross fingers guys !) NWiki has several distributions, one for each for Moodle 1.6 released after moodle 1.6

DFwiki and NWiki can be found in dfwiki home page, and in the Moodle CVS. Give dfwiki a try and report your experience in the wiki forum.


Upgrade from moodle 1.8 to 1.9 (with Nwiki upgrade)


Key features of DFwiki are:

  • Multiple editors. You can choose the kind of editor and format you wish to use when you create the page.

The dfwiki current editors/formats are:

    • ewiki compatible format ( to preserve backward wiki compatibility )
    • Moodle HTMLEditor.
    • dfwiki markup. Right now this is a subset of mediawiki format. But we are already working to meet 100% compatybility with mediawiki markup.
  • HTML-Export. If you wish to share your wiki beyond moodle you can export the wiki content to a bunch of static html pages.
  • Helpful blocks. Each dfwiki activity can be enriched by using blocks with helpful information.
    • Page List. Glossary-like tree containing an alphabetically ordered list of pages.
    • Index and Index from current. Represents the tree of wiki pages that descends from the current and main wiki page.
    • Orphaned pages.
    • Wanted pages.
    • User page contrib list.
    • Recent updates.
    • Search engine.
    • Admin block.
    • Navigation. Displays pages that link to current page and pages linked from current page. Actually is disabled due to efficiency issues.

And a lot of wishes.

See also

DFWiki team

DFwiki team are a group of developers leaded by Ludo (Marc Alier) a teacher of the UPC who likes to turn degree projects into something useful for the [moodle community].