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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Detailed responses report plugin.

The detailed responses report plugin provides a list of quiz attempts arranged in columns:

In Moodle 1.9 and before it was a third-party plugin that had to be installed from the Modules and Plugins database. It is included in the standard Moodle 2.0 installation.

  1. First name / Surname - with a link to the student's profile
  2. Grade/x - the number of points students scored; 'x' is the maximum number of points students could score - with a link to the student's attempt review
  3. #n - as many columns as there are questions in the test; each column is headed by '#n' (where 'n' stands for the question number) - these columns display the student's response to that question - colours indicate if the response is correct, incorrect or partially correct

The default view lists only the students who attempted the test. You can, however, change the display settings with the dropdown menu (followed by clicking Go):

  1. Show only students with no attempts - the list will include only the course students who didn't attempt the test
  2. Show students with and without attempts - the list will include all the course students no matter if they did the test or not

It is also possible to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet or as a text file, in which case, even if the display is paginated, all attempts are included in the download.

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