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Course administration menu

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Proposed page to replace the previous versions of Moodle page called "Course administration block". I am waiting for feedback, depending up it or lack of it, will make the change after 9 Aug 2011 (or when I or somebody else gets round to it) --chris collman 20:52, 5 August 2011 (WST)

{{Course admin}} hide template for now Settings > Course administration

Settings block with a course administration menu expanded

Most of the links in the course administration menu are only visible and available to teachers of the course and are contextual. Students see a course administration block with just two links - Profile and Grades (assuming "Show grades" is set to yes in the course settings).

The course administration menu system allows teachers to manage Course settings, student and teacher enrollments and their groups, view the course gradebookmenu (create custom grading scales), access the Question bank, perform backups, restores and imports.

Note: Previous versions of Moodle, course administration settings had it's own block, now it is in the Settings block. Some instructions will refer to the old system


The course administration menu is one of the tools the teacher can use when they initially create or enter their course. A new Moodle teacher should look at these, maybe change the format type and adjust the course name and come back to them later. The content of the course is not built here, but by clicking on the "Turn editing on" button.

Moodle 2.0 changes

These notes are for Moodlers who have used previous versions. Course administration can be found as a sub menu in the Settings block. Click on Course administration to expand the sub menu. There have been several changes.

Course Administration expanded in 2.0

(Note too that if admin has enabled the Legacy_course_files repository a link to this will also appear here.)

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