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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Moodle Docs reorganisation.

Note: This page is for analysing and figuring out how best to reorganise Moodle Docs for 2.0 and beyond. It is a work-in-progress. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Please use the page comments or the Moodle documentation forum.

The plan for each new stable version of Moodle is to copy the existing wiki to a new wiki for the new version. The version number will be included in the URL e.g. for the English documentation, ...

'Moodle Docs for this page' links at the bottom of each page in Moodle will link to the appropriate version of the documentation.

The documentation will have a big table of contents and will no longer be separated into teacher and administrator documentation.

Developer documentation will be kept in a separate non-version-specific wiki, as developer documentation is usually written about future versions of Moodle.

Documentation in different languages

There are currently Moodle Docs wikis in 28 different languages. The Moodle Docs review 2011 lists the number of pages and users for each wiki, plus information on recent changes.

Contributors of each wiki will be offered the following options:

  1. Existing wiki copied to a new wiki for the new version of Moodle (as for the English wiki)
  2. Continuation with existing wiki and mixing documentation for new versions of Moodle with documentation for older versions
  3. Archive of existing wiki
  4. Deletion of existing wiki

The Moodle Docs overview will be updated to provide links to all wikis, with headings such as '1.9 legacy documentation (may include 2.x docs mixed in)', ' 2.0 documentation', '2.1 documentation', ...

For languages which choose to continue with the existing wiki, it will be moved to a new URL 'Moodle Docs for this page' links in Moodle 2.0 and future versions will automatically redirect to the new URL.

For wikis with no recent activity in the last 60 days, unless volunteers come forwards, the existing wiki will be archived. The archived wiki will be moved to a new URL such as A link to the archived wiki will be included in the Moodle Docs overview page, however 'Moodle Docs for this page' links will no longer redirect to the archived wiki. Instead there will be redirects to the en wiki.

For wikis with very few pages, wiki admins will be asked whether they would like the wiki to be deleted.

2.0 version wiki tidying up

To do:

More things to do

  • Go through every page in Moodle and ensure that the 'Moodle Docs for this page' link redirects to the correct documentation page
  • Ensure all new features and major improvements as listed in Moodle 2.0 release notes are well-explained
  • Completely rewrite Installing Moodle
  • Improve Upgrading to Moodle 2.0
  • Style the 2.0 wiki differently e.g. coloured stripe or border and add a big 2.0 at the top so that it is obviously different from the 1.9 wiki
  • Move the existing English wiki to
  • Identify the very few pages which are not developer documentation and do not fit into the Moodle version wiki model e.g. Community credits and copy them as HTML pages