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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Wiki administration.

The Administration drop-down menu gives you tools that keep your wiki running smoothly. As you and your class generate the wiki, pages may become orphaned (not linked to other pages) or you may need to manage a student's contributions.

Set page flags

Flags are properties that may be assigned to a wiki page that allow you to change the type or behaviour of the page. Tickboxes select the Page flags.

Page flags available include:

  • TXT - flags that the page contains text.
  • BIN - flag to indicate the page contains binary
  • OFF - disables a page
  • HTM - Allows HTML for this page (the general Wiki setting precedes this flag).
  • RO - Indicates the page is read only
  • WR - Indicates the page is writeable/editable

Remove pages

The wiki engine automatically tracks pages that aren't linked from anywhere else (they were created and then the link was deleted) and empty pages. This tool allows you to remove these orphaned wiki pages, which can't be reached through the ordinary wiki interface.

Strip pages

While the wiki engine tracks changes, it stores old versions in the database. To declutter the data, you may occasionally want to delete all the old versions and just keep the new one.

Revert mass changes

The Revert mass changes tool allows users with appropriate access rights to roll back all changes made to the wiki by a specific user. The following options are available to restrict the revert process to only the effected pages:

Author field pattern

Enter the author's IP address or host name in this field. The user's IP address can be found within the Logs report. Within how many hours from the last change

Specify the number of hours from the last time a page edit was submitted, to be included in the revert process e.g 24, 48 72 etc. This allows you to set a 'set back to' day for restoring a wiki.

How to operate

You must choose one of the following options to specify how the revert process should operate based on the specified author's edits:

  • (Revert) Only if it was the last change
  • Version diving, also delete changes made after - Revert to a previous version and delete all subsequent changes made to that page by the specified author)
  • Version diving, but only purge the affected one - Revert to a previous version but only delete the version that the author edited)

Delete how many last versions

Specify the number of page versions that should be deleted in the revert process.

Check links

This tool checks all http:// links within a specified wiki page for availability/connectivity and resaves the wiki page with the dead links marked for quick review.