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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Weekly Tabs.

Weekly Tabs is an optional course format for handling weeks in a tabular style. The standard elements of a course are placed on tabs.

The first tab shows all available blocks in the course. The second tab shows the course summary. The remaining tabs will bring up the content for each week of the course.

The Weekly tabs course format was designed, contributed, and maintained by Amr Hourani.


Displaying courses in tabular links, also grouping all blocks and administration into one tab, sliding smoothly, very nice and simple and doesn't distract learners

  • Summary tab - the top section in the course
  • Blocks tab - contains any blocks in the course
  • Weeks tabs - each holds a single week's section of content

Screen shot example


Download & Installation

You can download the latest version of the weekstab.zip from Moodle's CVS Server.

To install:

  1. Unzip the weekstab.zip file to your Moodle sites /course/format folder which should create the /course/format/weekstab directory.
  2. To change a course to use the weekstab course format, go into a course where you have teacher or administrator privileges and click on "Course settings".
  3. Change the course format to "Weekly tabs" and click on the "Save changes" pushbutton.

Status & known issues


This course format has been used since early October 2008 in a full 1.9 production environment. However, you are encouraged to test this code on a development server until you can verify it works to your satisfaction. We believe it supports all standard modules plus some third party modules. Let us know of any modules which do not work or other problems you have by filing an issue in the Moodle tracker.

Known issues

Known issues include:

  1. Numbering in tabs is week number; sorry I couldnt add the "12 Oct - 19 Oct" due to the page size.
  2. Arabic language courses are not 100% fully functional.. some mess in layout


Use General Course formats help to install, uninstall this format.

See also

page that has downloads and more information.

  • Discussions:
    • Please create or find a discussion topic in the Contributed Code forum and
    • The contributor, requests you send him a message about any issues via his Moodle personal profile page at Amr Hourani. In addition, users may also communicate with Amr Hourani via Amr's personal website.