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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Sylvia.

Hi Syl,

I moved the text you entered from [[Mod/lesson/index]] to [[Course/mod/lesson]]. Read the notes for contributors on these pages :-)

Cheers, Przemek

Is this going to work?

Hi Przemek, I hope this is how you answer in this dialogue user talk thing:) Yes, I had an impression that my idea of what I should put where, would not necessarily be the same as your idea of what should go where. I'm glad you can freely move things around and clean up the mess I make. Which doesn't mean I will make the mess on purpose:) p.s. I've just discovered the preview thing!!:)


Hi Sylvia,

your idea of what should go where

The main thing to remember is that in most cases a help page relates to a particular page in Moodle - see #2 in the Guidelines for Contributors


adding the lesson

Hi Przemek, I've just finished doing the lesson. I did it copying info from the help buttons, occasionally adding my comments , if there was no help button for example. Please let me know if I can continue in this way. It would be great if you could let me know asap, because I will have time on Monday, and maybe some time tmrw morning and I could work on it. Thanx, Sylvia.


Yes, this is the way to go :-) To start with we should move the text from the help buttons to here. The next steps will be to expand on them, add whatever is missing, include screenshots teaching tips etc.




Oh, one thing more. I've edited the Course/mod/lesson page a little. I used headings instead of bolding to mark sections. One advantage of using headings is that if there are more than three headings in a page, a table of contents is generated automatically. Another advantage is that it is possible to create direct links to anchors (headings), e.g. with this link: Course/mod/lesson#Action_after_a_Correct_Answer you can link directly to the "Action after a Correct Answer" section, down the page.