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Trainers sometimes have a different perspective than teachers. Wikipedia says that training it is the acquisition of knowledge that relates to specific useful skills. Teachers tend to pass on skills which improve the learning abilities of their students in a more intangible cultural assimilation process. Often professional development courses are viewed as training because their focus is upon skill development.

It is not unusual for trainers to work in multicultural enviornments or to run a virtual business via the web.

The purpose of this page is to provide links to Moodle features and addins that trainers might find useful.

It may seem obvious to some but a good way to train teachers (or other trainers) how to use moodle is through moodle. A few tips:

-- Know your audience. Start at the beginning just as you would teaching anyone anything.

-- Provide resources for more study. As much as we'd all like to think that every word we say is memorized and applied, sometimes people need to go back and re-read (watch, etc) what was taught and/or access it in another format.

-- Have trainees utilize the demo site to practice if they're nervous about making a mistake. Consider creating your own demo course.

-- Remember the fiction writer's addage of show, don't tell...

See also

  • Certificate module - issue certificates for completed courses or lessons. Can be automatic and customized for each course.
  • Activity Locking - make activities and resources dependent upon results of activities. For example, this was initially developed to lock trainees from receiving Certificate before meeting the course requirements.
  • Getting started for teachers - overview of many course features
  • Enrolment
  • Payments
    • Paypal - one way to collect money from trainees
  • Guest access- A role that allows a potential trainee to only look around and perhaps sample a few areas
  • Face-to-face module - allows students to book themselves into a training activity (labs or other face to face small synchronous groups), ability to choose between multiple session dates/times, with reminders and enrolment limits per session.