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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Jumps.

Jumps determine what happens after a student makes a choice in a lesson. They are a common feature of many types of lesson pages.

Jump types

Jumps can be divided into two types - Relative Jumps and Absolute Jumps. The default navigation using the relative jumps is Next Page and Same Page. The destination of the Next Page jump is the next page in the logical order of the lesson. Absolute jumps specify the actual page to show next by specifying of the page's Title.

Setting jumps

There is a pull down menu which lists the relative jumps like "next page", "this page" "previous page" and some special navigation pages we will discuss later. There will probably be many absolute page jumps listed in a nearly completed lesson. The teacher selects the page listed in the pull down menu that the student will jump to after their choice, and after seeing the responce.

Each Answer (for questions) or Description (for Branch pages) has a Jump-to link. After an answer is chosen, a response is shown to the student. The student then reads the response and selects continue. This action sends the student to the page listed in the Jump link for their answer.

Remember, each answer can have a unique jump in a multiple choice and true/false. There can only be a correct and wrong answer jumps for multichoice, matching, short answer and numeric questions. See specific question types for more information about jumps and responses.

Note that a (relative) Next page Jump-to link may show a different page after pages have been moved. Whereas Jump-to links which use (absolute) page titles always show the same page after pages have been moved.

Special jumps

Special jumps are used with navigational pages in a lesson. End of Branch, Start and End Clusters are examples. These should be used carefully

Unseen question within a branch

This will link to a randomly chosen unseen (by the student in this attempt) question between this branch table and the End of the Lesson or the next End of Branch.

Random question within a branch

This will link to a randomly chosen question between the current branch table and the End of Lesson or the next End of Branch. If the student has already seen the question and attempts are greater than 1, they will get another chance to earn the point(s) for that question. If attempts are set to 1, the question will be skipped and another random question shown.

Random branch table

This will jump to a random Branch Table between the current Branch Table and the End of Lesson or the next End of Branch.

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