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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Student projects/Usability issues/T3.

This project can benefit from the Fluid project in three ways: solving the usability issues mentioned at Fluid project and that have not already been solved, solution of usability errors described at Usability issues, design patterns of Fluid which must be considered when adding new functionalities and asking Fluid community about its opinion about Moodle usability problems.

Moodle's usability issues found in Fluid report

A study has been realized about Moodle Moodle "UX Walkthrough Procedures and Findings"

In this study, there are some issues that will be solved. The issues found can be classified by some principles. Here a list of these issues will be made, ordered by priority, to solve some of them (the most critical ones):

  1. Consistency and standards: 5
  2. Mixture of errors: 1
  3. Match between the system and the real world: 5
  4. Recognition rather than recall help: 5
  5. Recognition: 1
  6. Aesthetic and minimalist design: 2
  7. Visibility of system status: 2
  8. Error prevention: 2
  9. User control: 4
  10. Flexibility and efficiency: 7
  11. Help and documentation: 10

It must be considered that the issues are explained in detail in the document mentioned above.

Moodle's usability issues with information of Fluid project

Moreover, in the fluid project it can be found source code that can be used to solve some usability problems.

New developments

The new Moodle functionalities should follow the Fluid design patterns mentioned at the design patterns page and they must be considered in Moodle's new developments.

Fluid mailing lists

It can be useful to ask Fluid community about its opinion about Moodle usability problems using Fluid mailing lists.

Moreover, it must be taken into account that there are other usability projects in the community although Moodle is not directly involved with them, such as Open Usability Season project