Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Site files.

Site files

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Location: Administration > Front Page > Site files

  • Site files are basically the course files for the site home page.
  • The site files folder may be accessed via the Site files link in Site Administration block. It is not possible to access the site files folder by browsing a course files folder.
  • Any images to be displayed on the site home page can be uploaded to the site files folder. Visitors to the site can view the images without being logged in.
  • Unlike course files, which require a user to have appropriate rights in order to access them, files within the site files folder are accessible by anyone who knows, or can guess, the URL (with the exception of the backupdata folder in Moodle 1.9.6 onwards).
  • The site files folder may be used for uploading a course backup zip file prior to restoring it.

Saving backup files


In Moodle 1.9.6 onwards, only admins and users with the role of front page teacher may access the backupdata folder.

For security reasons, in versions of Moodle prior to 1.9.6 it is recommended that you do NOT use the site files folder for storing course backup zip files. Backup files should be deleted immediately after restoring them.

In Moodle 1.9.6 onwards, backup files should be saved in the secure backupdata folder only.

Moodle 2.0

Files will be handled in a different way in Moodle 2.0

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