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Messaging FAQ

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How can admins view student messages?

See the Using Moodle discussion How can I see student messages?.

How can messaging be restricted?

To limit messaging to specific users, you can change the site:sendmessage capability for the authenticated user role from allow to not set, then create a new role with site:sendmessage allowed and assign this to selected users in the system context. See the Blogger role for a similar case, where blogging is limited to specific users.

Alternatively, you could create a "Cannot send messages" role with site:sendmessage set to 'prohibit' and then assign this role in the system context to anyone using messaging inappropriately.

Why are email copies of Moodle messages being sent to a different email address?

Email copies of forum posts (and other Moodle-generated emails) are sent to the email address specified in users' profiles. Email copies of Moodle messages are sent to the email address specified in the message settings (accessed via the settings tab in the messaging window).

How can messaging be disabled completely?

Messaging may be disabled site-wide by unchecking the messaging checkbox in Administration > Security > Site policies.

How can the messages window pop-up be disabled?

  1. Select the settings tab in the messages window.
  2. Un-check the box that reads "Automatically show message window when I get new messages".
  3. Click the "Save my settings" button.

When are messages sent via email?

To enable messages to be sent via email, a user should tick the 'Email messages when I am offline' checkbox in the message settings (via the Settings tab in the message window). Messages will then be sent via email when the user is offline for more than the time specified.

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