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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Lesson examples of use.

This page is written for a teacher by teachers who are offering examples of the way they use the Lesson activities.

Note: In Moodle 2.0 a "Branch Table" page is called a "Content" page. This is only a name change and both pages have the same features.

Starting a lesson

After putting in the lesson settings, you will jump to a screen that asks:

What would you like to do first?

Import questions
Import PowerPoint
Add a Content page
Add a Question Page

I usually choose to ADD A QUESTION PAGE FIRST. If I choose a CONTENT PAGE (BRANCH TABLE), I call it "table of contents" and I just use it as the introduction page, not an instructional page. Selecting either of these will take you to a blank page ready to create.

Once you save the first page, or import pages, you will be in edit mode. Here I am in collapsed edit mode.

A lesson with one question in edit mode

If you click on ADD A PAGE you can insert a QUESTION.

If you click on the up/down arrows to the left of where it says add a page you can reorganize your pages and branches.

Think of a Content page as creating a section.

As a math teacher, I might break up my lessons up into sections called

  • Moodle Lesson
  • Hippocampus Lesson (a website that gives math instruction)
  • LiveScribe Notes (if you don't have a livescribe pen you should check it out)

So I will create a content page and call it table of contents. I then add pages for my Moodle lesson Then I will do an "END OF BRANCH" and have it link back to the "table of contents" I then add a page and embed the Hippocampus lesson I then have an "END OF BRANCH" that links back to the table of contents. I then add a page that has the livescribe notes I then have an END OF BRANCH that links back to the table of contents. Recently I have been putting a new CONTENT PAGE after that and I call it "jumps" On there I put jumps to different parts in the lesson so if a math student wants to jump to a certain part of the lesson without having to go through the whole thing they can.

So to clean it up I have on the table of contents a link to "Continue to Moodle Lesson" and a link to "jumps" and the 3rd link on the table of contents is to "END LESSON"

When you are adding a link to another page, one of the link options is to choose "END OF LESSON." Student need to click this end of lesson link when they are done so that the lesson will be graded. On my jumps page is the links to the hippocampus and livescribe as well as to different parts of the Moodle lesson. Keeps my Table of Contents more clean.

I do not import powerpoints or import questions, so I can't be much help there. If I want to use a powerpoint I upload it to google docs and embed a link to it into my lesson, I prefer that.

When you open the lesson you should have 4 links along the "top" Click on EDIT is when you should see the options to add a page.

From a post by Alice Keeler in a Lesson forum thread.

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