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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Global Search statistics.


You reach this page by clicking in the Global Search block on 'Search' and then 'Statistics'

The page gives an overview of what is in the Global Search index and a tool to build that index.


Global Search statistics


First time use of the indexer

Testing the settings of the Global Search you should do by following the tests/index.php link and look at the page carefully for errors. You'll see what Global Search indexes and what it skips. If you are fine with the results, you can start the indexing by following the indexersplash.php link. This process is very hungry for disk and processor power and takes quite some time on large sites. Think twice on the timing when to fire it the first time.

After these steps, cron.php will take over and keep the search index up to date.

Indexing database state

Trouble shooting

  • Search your php error log or your webserver log for errors
  • Indexing stops: raise your memory limit quite high in your php.ini file (up to 500M)(Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 419430400 bytes exhausted)
  • sh: /var/www/elo/lib/antiword/linux/usr/bin/antiword: No such file or directory or sh: /var/www/elo/lib/xpdf/linux/pdftotext: No such file or directory in your logs: You forgot to install the antiword or pdftotext libraries or the path to them is wrong. They should be located in your wwwroot folder, preferably in the default setup. The location in the settings page for the Global Search block, is seen from the moodle wwwroot point of view.
  • excecution failed error: make sure the webserver process has execute rights on antiword and pdftotext and/or replace antiword and pdftotext by the version that comes with your linux distribution

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