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DocView filter

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Inspired by the Firefox addon - "open it online" that lets you view any office document inside an online web2 service like : google docs, zoho or thinkfree projects... this filter lets you do the same for any "linked" office documents inside Moodle's internal HTML editor (which means, everywhere).


Download an updated version from either

(both versions should be in sync)

Unzip it into Moodle's filter folder (MOODLE/filter/) and enable it in the admin/modules/filters view.

You can also change the preferred document viewer online service. (btw, Zoho seems to work very well with all types of office documents)


  1. Open Moodle's internal HTML editor at any activity or resource
  2. Select some text and link it to an office file (locally - moodle's file repository OR remotely on the web)
  3. save the text.

That's it. you are done :-)

Opening the resource will convert the linked office document into an iframe and present the document using the preferred document viewer service.


Feedback and support requests are welcomed on the filter's tracker page DocView filter tracker

enjoy :-)


passing extra parameters from the user's profile (- google user name and password) 
to that shared google doc can get you write access to it !!! otherwise it is viewed in read only mode.
  • future versions of moodle (2.0+) will get more google docs file/resource integration - MDL-16383

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