Developer conference December 2006

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Developer conference December 2006.

Developer conferences > December 2006 conference notes

Conference was at 11pm 7th December GMT via Elluminate: Here is the recording (the password is "moodle") The quality is not fantastic, sorry.

Moodle 1.7

  • Martin D
    • Roles review
    • XMLDB review
    • Ajax course formats
    • Admin pages
  • Martin L
    • Auth plugins

Moodle 1.8

  • Martin D:
    • Accessibility
    • Formslib
    • Blog comments
    • Wiki
  • Martin L:
    • Multi Auth ready to merge (demo and code review)
    • MNET RPC almost ready to merge (demo and code review)
    • Moodle Network - actually ready in time for 1.8? - needs discussion
  • Tim Hunt
    • Improved quiz navigation
    • Quiz summary page before submitting
    • Integration with 'Opaque' question engines. (Successor to RQP.)

Moodle 1.9

  • Martin D
    • "Push" Gradebook and GUI - needs funding!
    • Metadata
    • Repository API
  • Tim Hunt - these ideas are vague, we are still discussing our priorites, but some highlights that I hope we will be able to do:
    • Improve the model around adaptive questions. It is basically right, but could be a little better.
    • Make a test suite for the quiz. The quiz is so complicated and there are so many permutations of options, that it is impossible to test everything by hand. Therefore, little things keep breaking, and it wastes a lot of my time. Some time ago I made some tests for some of the individual question types, and that time investment has already more than payed for itself. I now need to do the same for the quiz.
    • Mechanism for Moodle to report grades to other systems, and to pull in grades from other systems. This would build on the enhanced grade book. I am thinking that (a subset of) the IMS QTI results reporting format could be used for packaging up the data for transfer. Then define a couple of simple web service interfaces one for push and one for pull transfers. Then make Moodle implement both the client and server ends of both interfaces. Them moodle can swap grades with any other system that follows the same rules. To support this, I think it would help to add an 'ID number' field to quizzes and other graded activities.

Moodle 2.0

A chance to break stuff again :)

  • Prepared statements and placeholders for dmllib.

Other projects in development

  • Martin D
    • Moodle Tracker
    • Moodle Docs
    • contrib area
    • Moodle CVS
    • Moodle Downloads
  • Nick
    • New groups implementation - OU