Creating and Updating a meeting

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Creating and Updating a meeting.

Creating an eMeeting

This is the description of creating a eMeeting activity to be used for the course. Teachers and administrators will be able to use this to schedule time within the Marratech server for a meeting. If you do not have the Marratech client installed on your computer you should do so before working in a meeting.

Adding a new eMeeting

In this page, you will set the most basic details about the meeting: date and time, duration, whether you want all members of the course to participate, the number of guests you wish to invite, the group settings for the meeting, and whether the eMeeting will be visible to students.

  • Date and time for the meeting are fairly self-explanatory, but the time you select cannot be in the past. If it is an error message will be displayed.
  • Duration is in hours, followed by minutes.
  • Seats refers to the number of students who will be attending the meeting. There are three options: All Members, Choose Members, and Auditoriums.
    • All Members indicates that you want everyone in your course to participate; if there is a conflict with the number of licenses for the time you have selected, you won't be able to reach the second page. (Go to the validation explanation for a more in-depth explanation of this)
    • Choose Members, on the other hand, indicates that you are willing to hold the meeting with only some of your students. If there is a conflict at your chosen time, but there won't be too many people scheduled, you will be able to select a portion of your students to attend the meeting on the next page.
    • Auditorium: you can only pick auditoriums if your administrator has available profiles for auditoriums and your Marratech Licenses contains auditoriums. You will only have access to auditorium profiles when you select your profile and validation checks against the other auditorium rooms.
  • Number of Guests indicates the number of guest users that you wish to allow into the eMeeting. This value will count toward your total number of users for validation purposes.
  • Group mode allows for using Moodle groups; check the help documents on this topic for more information. (TO DO: add link to said help)
  • Visible to students allows you to make the eMeeting hidden when it is created. If you choose "Hide" in the drop-down menu, students will not be able to view the eMeeting once it is created, though you can later change it to be visible. If you choose "Show", however, students will be able to see the eMeeting.

Once you have set all these options to the values that you want, click "Check Availability" to proceed to the next step. This will validate your eMeeting and take you to the Further Details page.

Updating an eMeeting

There are two ways to update an eMeeting. You can go to your main course page, click "Turn editing on", and then click the button that looks like a hand. Alternatively, you can click on the eMeeting itself and then click on the "Update this eMeeting" button on the right hand side of the bar at the top of the page. This button will appear on both the eMeeting details page and the Meeting Status page.

The update interface is effectively identical to the interface for creating a new eMeeting; however, the details from your current meeting will already be filled in for you. Updating still goes through the availability check, so if you change the time, you may run into licensing conflicts (see the help on creating a meeting for more details). You cannot update a meeting that is already in progress.

The one major difference is that guests functionality in the update option for a meeting has changed from the create eMeeting option. Right now, you cannot change the number of guests in a meeting manually. Nor can you add new guests, however, if there is a guest you no longer wish to invite you can remove them from the meeting and they will recieve an email saying that the eMeeting is cancelled. They will not be able to log into the meeting as well.,