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CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are used to control the way web pages look. By changing a CSS definition, the change is made on every Moodle webpage that uses that definition.

CSS files are located in the theme folder being used by Moodle. The normal Moodle practice is to have 3 main CSS files: styles_color, styles_layout, styles_fonts. When a CSS definition is not found in a theme CSS file, the CSS files located in the standard theme serves as the default.

There may also be CSS files for Internet Explorer, Mozilla or other internet browsers.

Basic Moodle page parts

A web page is broken up into pieces or elements. Not every page contains the same parts.

These parts or elements include: core, forms, header, footer,admin, blocks, blog, calendar, course, doc, grades, login, message, notes, mymoodle, question, tabs, tags, user and many of the modules.

Basic CSS files

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