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Location: Payment Gateway edit settings link in Administration > Courses > Enrolments

The module allows you to set up paid courses by merchants. If the cost for any course is zero, then students are not asked to pay for entry. There is a site-wide cost that you set here as a default for the whole site and then a course setting that you can set for each course individually. The course cost overrides the site cost.

Note: If you enter an enrolment key in the course settings, then students will also have the option to enrol using a key. This is useful if you have a mixture of paying and non-paying students. Settings

Address Verification System: This demands address fields like street, state, country and zip when user fills out payment form if you have AVS activated in your account.

Transaction Cut-Off Time: When the last transaction is picked up for settlement?

Capture Day: Capture the credit card automatically unless a teacher or administrator review the order within that days. CRON MUST BE ENABLED and REVIEW MUST BE CHECKED. (0 day means it will disable autocapture, also means teacher or admin review order manually. Transaction will be cancelled if you have disabled autocapture or unless you review it within 30 days.)

Order Review Settings


Use these settings if you want to review orders before processing the credit card.

Uncheck the 'an_review' field if students will be enrolled to courses immediately when they entered their card number. If you have checked 'an_review' field, the credit card will be authorized but not be captured and you will have 2 options: 'Manual-Capture' and 'Scheduled-Capture'.

  • For Manual-Capture, enter '0' to an_capture_day field. Transaction will be cancelled unless you review it within 30 days. Don't panic! Your business is important for us. In 'Email Sending Settings' section, you will be notified X days prior to pending orders expiring if you set up the CRON properly.
  • For Scheduled-Capture, enter a number between 1 and 29 to an_capture_day field. Note that CRON MUST BE ENABLED. The card will be captured and the student will be enrolled to course. The sheduled-capture system captures the card an_capture_day days later if you like your own convenience. If you are a sceptic person, you may accept or deny the payment after you have received email about new pending order. Users can also be mailed for welcome message if you check enrol_mailstudents.

In Moodle 1.6, you can accept/deny/refund the payments in Payment Managament page.

Uploading CSV file


  • This action must be performed if you have enabled eCheck (ACH) transactions.
  • Login to your account.
  • Run a REPORT or SEARCH transactions.
  • Select the date range if you search transactions.
  • A button called Download to File appears.
  • After clicked the button, tick Include Column Headings and select file type to be downloaded: Expanded Fields/Comma Separated or Expanded Fields with CAVV Response/Comma Separated.
  • For more information click the help link on the page seen.
  • Click Submit button.
  • Once the file has been created, a pop up window will appear prompting you to select the location where the file should be saved.
  • Please leave this window open until the pop up window prompting for your file location appears. You may minimize this window by clicking the _ in the upper right hand corner to continue working. Closing this window by clicking the X will cancel this action and your file will not be downloaded.
  • Once your file has been downloaded and saved to your local machine, click the X in the upper right hand corner of this window to Close.
  • Finally, upload this CSV file to Moodle to enrol the users making payment by echeck.

Obtaining authorization code over the phone


If a user's credit card cannot be captured on the internet directly, obtain authorization code over phone from customer's bank. (Pick an_authcode checkbox to have this feature activated)

Some users may not wish to use their credit cards on the internet directly for security reasons. In this case, you need to obtain an authorization code from the user's bank. Initially, ask for credit card information from the customer like bank name, name on card, card number, expiration date and card validation code by means of telephone, face-to-face or filling out a form. Then, call the customer services of user's bank giving this information and demand an authorization code. Finally, after obtaining it, login as user to get the user enrolled. Alternatively, you can give it to the user saying enroll using it.


How will I manually accept/deny payments?
Check an_review.
Enter '0' to an_capture_day field.
How will students be enrolled to courses immediately when they entered their card number?
Uncheck an_review.
Not only do I want to manually accept/deny payments, but also use autocapture to prevent cancelling payment. What should I do?
Setup cron.
Check an_review.
Enter a number between 1 and 29 to an_capture_day field. Card will be captured and user will be enrolled to course unless you capture it within an_capture_day.