AUTHSAML authentication plugin

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: AUTHSAML authentication plugin.

This Moodle Auth plugin allows for the integration of Web based SAML 2.0 SSO.

This plugin makes use of the excellent SimpleSAMLPHP libraries that come out of the FEIDE project, with the original development work carried out by Erlend Strømsvik of Ny Media AS at

When integrated with an IdP (Identity Provider), basic user attributes such as name, phone, department, address, city, country etc. can be automatically updated for existing user, and new users can be created on the fly.

The plugin database entry for auth/saml is here


  1. Unpack the module into your moodle install in order to create the auth/saml/ directory
  2. Login to Moodle as an administrator, and activate the module by navigating Users -> Authentication -> Manage authentication and clicking on the enable icon.
  3. Configure the settings for the plugin - it will not work unless you specify the saml library path, the saml config path, the entity ID (ID of the authenticating IdP), and username attribute mapping - this is the link between the SAML user identifier, and the Moodle user.
  4. If you only want auth/saml as login option, change login page to point to auth/saml/index.php (not tested)
  5. If you want to use another authentication method together with auth/saml, in parallel, change the 'Instructions' in the 'Common settings' of the 'Administrations >> Users >> Authentication Options' to contain a link to the auth/saml login page (-- remember to check the href and src paths --): <br/>Click <a href="auth/saml/index.php">here</a> to login with SSO
  6. Save the changes for the 'Common settings'