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twexter is software that formats text twext.. why? to help us learn to read, in many languages.. twexter may be relatively easy to embed in variable interfaces.. one idea is to integrate twexter into a wiki app on the olpc.. twexter may also be a useful resource for multilingual learning apps like Moodle..


twexter wants it to be easy to get text twext:

  1. chunk text via simple method
  2. fetch translations for each chunk
  3. human edit translations in xcroll interface
  4. format twext

humans fixing machine chunking and translation may help machines learn to get text twext, automagically


if you're using the firefox browser, check out an old twexter demo:

next week, above demos are combined in system to let you plugin code to a php api.. by the end of march, thanks to Zura Egetashvili, we hope to have this basic twexter interfacing with


Martín Langhoff likes twexter and suggests we make an embeddable twexter widget in a single javascript.. as a programming illiterate, i can only hope this will be simple.. it may get a little complicated, as twexter is by nature multilingual..

share data

if embedded twexters can share data, then more corpus' can be analyzed for statistical:

  1. automagic chunking of text
  2. machine translation for twext

twexter wants to process twext between a wide variety of language pairs, and is especially interested in learning minority and endangered languages..

code has a mess of code.. it's much simpler to find recent code here:

git versioning of twexter source code coming soon

license freely licenses the patented twext method for use in GPL software and Creative Commons content.. alternate licensing like GFDL is available and easy.. the idea behind any non-free licensing isn't to stop people from learning, but rather to earn, if able, revenue to invest in literacy.

summer of code wants ideas, mentors and computer science students to make useful free software this summer.. this page wants a computer science student to make twexter work with moodle and the olpc xs school server..