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This library is largely concerned with generating output.

There are lots of different things in this library, and so far, only a very few parts have been documented. However, remember:

  • The code should be well written and easy to understand. Want to know what a particular function does? Well, read the code. Unlike documentation, the code does not get out of date.
  • The generated phpDocumentor output should give brief details about each function.

Documentation of particular bits

function build_navigation

You need to call this function before calling print_header(_simple) to create the $navigation parameter. There is an extensive PHPdocumentor comment in the code that explains usage.

Typical examples are:

From mod/quiz/attempt.php:
$navigation = build_navigation($strattemptnum, $cm);
print_header_simple(format_string($quiz->name), "", $navigation, ... )
From mod/forum/post.php:
$navlinks = array();
$navlinks[] = array('name' => format_string($post->subject, true), 'link' => "discuss.php?d=$discussion->id", 'type' => 'title');
$navlinks[] = array('name' => get_string("prune", "forum"), 'link' => '', 'type' => 'title');
$navigation = build_navigation($navlinks, $cm);
print_header_simple(format_string($discussion->name).": ".format_string($post->subject), "", $navigation, ... )

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