Hackfest UK 2014

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Developer meetings > UK Hackfest April 2014

When Thu 14 April, 2014
Where Moodlemoot Edinburgh, UK
Alternate name Haven't come up with one yet
Hashtag #mootuk14

What happened?

A Hackfest brings together Moodle developers to brainstorm future Moodle developments.

A description of the activities at the Hackfest will be added here.

Group notes


  • Php Xref
  • Xdebug + IDE
  • XHprof
  • codechecker
  • PHPUnit
  • MDK
  • Moosh
  • Grunt
  • Git


Specifications from subsequent work will be liked from here

Session 1

Session 2

Email Logging Functionality and Reporting

Session 3