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Releases > Moodle 2.5 release notes

Release date: Not yet released

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.5.

See New features for a user-friendly tour with screenshots (work in progress)


  • Recommended minimum browser: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle), Safari 5, Google Chrome 11
  • Moodle upgrade: Moodle 2.2 or later (if upgrading from earlier versions, you must upgrade to 2.2.9 as a first step)
  • Minimum DB versions: PostgreSQL 8.3, MySQL 5.1.33, MariaDB 5.2, MSSQL 2005 or Oracle 10.2 (oci_native_moodle_package.sql needs to be executed before upgrade on Oracle servers)
  • Minimum PHP version: PHP 5.3.3, recent PHP 5.4.x is recommended
  • New PHP extension requirements: GD (MDL-34331)

NOTE: We will drop support for IE8 after Moodle 2.5 (June 2013). This means IE8 will probably still work for 2.6, but developers will not be required to test their new code on that browser. Moodle, like most of the world's web sites and browser producers, encourages you to keep your browsers current to improve security and functionality while saving us valuable time. (For example see what Google is doing)


  • MDL-35073 - Open Badges integration
  • MDL-38509 - New admin tool for installing add-ons
  • MDL-38016 - New "bootstrap" theme with responsive design for all screen sizes
  • MDL-30637 - Improvements to the usability of big complex Moodle forms in general
  • MDL-37459 & MDL-37417 - More specific usability improvements to the forms for the assignment module, and for creating questions
  • MDL-32652 - Block drag & drop now works throughout the site (not just on course pages)!
  • MDL-36804 - Assignment resubmission system
  • MDL-37009 - Course listings are displayed consistently throughout the site (theme changes may be required)
  • MDL-37284 - Unicode support in MariaDB/MySQL is now configured automatically during installation
  • MDL-35611 - behat integration, the framework for testing of user expectations

Enrolment improvements

  • MDL-26956 - You can now search the list of users enrolled in a course
  • MDL-36514 - New option for preventing of new self-enrolments in course
  • MDL-7537 - Support for more currencies in PayPal
  • MDL-32387 - Implemented expiration of PayPal enrolments
  • MDL-37291 - Restore support for PayPal enrolments
  • MDL-37187 - Multiple problems fixed in Flat File enrolment plugin
  • MDL-28705 - Configurable mapping between IMS course names and Moodle course names for IMS Enterprise enrolment
  • MDL-36504 - Complete list of all enrolment related improvements


  • MDL-35716 - New performance overview report
  • MDL-35685 - Improved login performance
  • MDL-36809 - Support for persistent connections to MariaDB/MySQL servers
  • MDL-34344 - CFG caching in MUC
  • MDL-34346 - New repository caching
  • MDL-34401 - New caching of plugin information
  • MDL-37718 - Improved database recordset memory use
  • MDL-38212 - Workaround for some memory issues in cron
  • MDL-38391 - Improved YUI module loading performance


  • MDL-38166 - Database activity URL field has option to open link in new window
  • MDL-37455 - New folder resource option to display folder contents on the course page
  • MDL-30790 - New folder resource option to display sub-folders expanded or collapsed
  • MDL-37602 - Overall assessment feedback support in the Workshop module
  • MDL-28585 - LDAP authentication password expiry handling
  • MDL-20131 - Random glossary entry block can use a global glossary
  • MDL-35842 - Random glossary entry block alphabetical order option
  • MDL-37337 - Assignment settings page improvements
  • MDL-37644 - New setting for showing course full names in the navigation block
  • MDL-5875 - Option to show the word count of forum posts
  • MDL-23504 - Transparency and RGB support in themes colour picker
  • MDL-37806 - New 'Save and show next' button for workshop submissions
  • MDL-37728 - Role definition overview improvements
  • MDL-37641 - Prettier names when a file already exists
  • MDL-38538 - Option to auto-save during quiz attempts
  • MDL-36955 - Better grading for partially correct Cloze questions with Interactive behaviour
  • MDL-35793 - Defaults for when a question is previewed
  • MDL-10516 - Essay questions can have a template, so the student starts answering from the template, not a blank editor
  • MDL-36602 - mnethostid available as an upload users field
  • MDL-34137 - Option to drag and drop a media file onto the course page to create a label
  • MDL-33946 - Option to drag and drop text onto the course page to create a label
  • MDL-33688 - Drag and drop file upload progress indicator in filepicker
  • MDL-33669 - Option to access Equella site when using Equella repository
  • MDL-32341 - Configurable calendar export date range
  • MDL-33206 - Book resource type print dialogue link
  • MDL-31983 - Settings block renamed 'Administration' and reports moved there
  • MDL-34917 - Jump to section navigation for 'One section per page' setting in course formats
  • MDL-38708 - Option to add images and other files to the course list
  • MDL-36395 - New setting Maximum users per page for specifying the number of users shown in search results
  • MDL-37596 - Scheduled maintenance mode
  • MDL-35775 - Group import allows new groups to be assigned to groupings
  • MDL-38494 - Upload users accepts date-time format custom profile field
  • MDL-26649 - Date picker usability improvements
  • MDL-37572 - Categories edit page is separated from view and does not depend any more on global editing mode
  • Multiple improvements in MS SQL Server and Oracle database drivers

API changes

  • MDL-34640 - Improvements to how the question engine handles uploaded files. This should make it possible to write question types that automatically grade uploaded files
  • MDL-37287 - 3rd party libraries updated, including YUI 3.9.1, TinyMCE 3.5.8, latest tcpdf and others
  • MDL-15727 - jQuery and jQuery UI support for add-on plugins
  • MDL-29996 - Legacy filters are not supported any more, developers need to migrate filters from modules to standard filter location
  • MDL-35356 - Excel and ODS export improvements
  • MDL-35434 - Theme developers may use new admin setting type for user uploaded logo images
  • MDL-37726 - PREVIOUS and NEXT attributes are not required in install.xml files
  • MDL-38558 - It is now possible to run local pre-upgrade script

Upgrade notes for developers

Activity modules;a=blob;f=mod/upgrade.txt;hb=master
Course formats;a=blob;f=course/format/upgrade.txt;hb=master
Enrolment plugins;a=blob;f=enrol/upgrade.txt;hb=master
Question types;a=blob;f=question/type/upgrade.txt;hb=master
TinyMCE plugins;a=blob;f=lib/editor/tinymce/upgrade.txt;hb=master

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

  • MDL-35332 - Improved security of hashed passwords
  • MDL-21342 - New user account lockout mechanism

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