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For each RDBMS some words are forbidden to be used as identifiers and they are called "reserved words". Here you will find one big list that is automatically generated by the list of reserved words present in the XMLDB classes (it includes the reserved words for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MSSQL).

It's a must to avoid completely the use of these reserved words in your DB structures (tables, columns...). At the end of this page, you'll find some useful links about reserved words.

The list

access, accessible, add, all, alter, analyse, analyze, and, any, array, as, asc, asensitive, asymmetric, audit, authorization, autoincrement, avg, backup, before, begin, between, bigint, binary, blob, both, break, browse, bulk, by, call, cascade, case, cast, change, char, character, check, checkpoint, close, cluster, clustered, coalesce, collate, column, comment, commit, committed, compress, compute, condition, confirm, connect, connection, constraint, contains, containstable, continue, controlrow, convert, count, create, cross, current, current_date, current_role, current_time, current_timestamp, current_user, cursor, database, databases, date, day_hour, day_microsecond, day_minute, day_second, dbcc, deallocate, dec, decimal, declare, default, deferrable, delayed, delete, deny, desc, describe, deterministic, disk, distinct, distinctrow, distributed, div, do, double, drop, dual, dummy, dump, each, else, elseif, enclosed, end, errlvl, errorexit, escape, escaped, except, exclusive, exec, execute, exists, exit, explain, external, false, fetch, file, fillfactor, float, float4, float8, floppy, for, force, foreign, freetext, freetexttable, freeze, from, full, fulltext, function, goto, grant, group, having, high_priority, holdlock, hour_microsecond, hour_minute, hour_second, identified, identity, identity_insert, identitycol, if, ignore, ilike, immediate, in, increment, index, infile, initial, initially, inner, inout, insensitive, insert, int, int1, int2, int3, int4, int8, integer, intersect, interval, into, is, isnull, isolation, iterate, join, key, keys, kill, leading, leave, left, level, like, limit, linear, lineno, lines, load, localtime, localtimestamp, lock, long, longblob, longtext, loop, low_priority, master_heartbeat_period, master_ssl_verify_server_cert, match, max, maxextents, mediumblob, mediumint, mediumtext, middleint, min, minus, minute_microsecond, minute_second, mirrorexit, mlslabel, mod, mode, modifies, modify, national, natural, new, no_write_to_binlog, noaudit, nocheck, nocompress, nonclustered, not, notnull, nowait, null, nullif, number, numeric, of, off, offline, offset, offsets, old, on, once, online, only, open, opendatasource, openquery, openrowset, openxml, optimize, option, optionally, or, order, out, outer, outfile, over, overlaps, overwrite, pctfree, percent, perm, permanent, pipe, pivot, placing, plan, precision, prepare, primary, print, prior, privileges, proc, procedure, processexit, public, purge, raid0, raiserror, range, raw, read, read_only, read_write, reads, readtext, real, reconfigure, references, regexp, release, rename, repeat, repeatable, replace, replication, require, resource, restore, restrict, return, returning, revoke, right, rlike, rollback, row, rowcount, rowguidcol, rowid, rownum, rows, rule, save, schema, schemas, second_microsecond, select, sensitive, separator, serializable, session, session_user, set, setuser, share, show, shutdown, similar, size, smallint, some, soname, spatial, specific, sql, sql_big_result, sql_calc_found_rows, sql_small_result, sqlexception, sqlstate, sqlwarning, ssl, start, starting, statistics, straight_join, successful, sum, symmetric, synonym, sysdate, system_user, table, tape, temp, temporary, terminated, textsize, then, tinyblob, tinyint, tinytext, to, top, trailing, tran, transaction, trigger, true, truncate, tsequal, uid, uncommitted, undo, union, unique, unlock, unsigned, update, updatetext, upgrade, usage, use, user, using, utc_date, utc_time, utc_timestamp, validate, values, varbinary, varchar, varchar2, varcharacter, varying, verbose, view, waitfor, when, whenever, where, while, with, work, write, writetext, x509, xor, year_month, zerofill

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