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XMLDB Documentation > Roadmap > Defining one XML structure > List of files to create

In this page you'll find a complete list of the dirs containing DB structures. Under 1.7 and upwards, all of them must contain its own 'install.xml file with all the information needed to be able to create the DB properly.

This document can be outdated if new modules/blocks... are added to Moodle core, and no efforts to keep it updated will be done. His primary goal was to have the initial (69 dirs) list and to track the work performed, by using the Done tag. Interim process can use the Work In Progress tag.

The list

  • Done: backup/db
  • Done: blocks/activity_modules/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/admin/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/blog_menu/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/blog_tags/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/calendar_month/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/calendar_upcoming/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/course_list/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/course_summary/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/db
  • Done: blocks/glossary_random/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/html/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/loancalc/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/login/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/messages/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/news_items/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/online_users/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/participants/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/quiz_results/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/recent_activity/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/rss_client/db
  • Done: blocks/search/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/search_forums/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/search_glossaries/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/section_links/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/site_main_menu/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: blocks/social_activities/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/authorize/db
  • Done: enrol/creditcard/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/database/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/flatfile/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/imsenterprise/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/internal/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/ldap/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/manual/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: enrol/paypal/db
  • Done: lib/db: (one "id" PK has been added to the adodb_logsql table. Works.)</font>
  • Done: mod/assignment/db
  • Done: mod/chat/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: mod/choice/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: mod/data/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: mod/exercise/db
  • Done: mod/forum/db
  • Done: mod/glossary/db
  • Done: mod/hotpot/db
  • Done: mod/journal/db
  • Done: mod/label/db
  • Done: mod/lams/db
  • Done: mod/lesson/db
  • Done: mod/quiz/db
  • Done: mod/resource/db
  • Done: mod/scorm/db
  • Done: mod/survey/db
  • Done: mod/wiki/db
  • Done: mod/workshop/db
  • Done: question/type/calculated/db
  • Done: question/type/datasetdependent/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: question/type/description/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: question/type/essay/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: question/type/match/db
  • Done: question/type/missingtype/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: question/type/multianswer/db
  • Done: question/type/multichoice/db
  • Done: question/type/numerical/db
  • Done: question/type/random/db (nothing to do)
  • Done: question/type/randomsamatch/db
  • Done: question/type/rqp/db
  • Done: question/type/shortanswer/db
  • Done: question/type/truefalse/db