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The CAS authentication in Moodle can be tested with a public CAS demo server operated by Apereo. It is way easier than configuring an own one. See below for more info if you still need to run own CAS server.

In a normal production setup, the CAS authentication would be typically used together with an LDAP server where the user data (such as name and email) would be loaded from. This is optional though and not needed for this test.

1. Log in as admin

2. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Authentication

3. Enable CAS server (SSO) and click its Settings link

4. Fill the form with the following values, leaving default ones in the rest:

Field Value
Hostname (auth_cas / hostname) casserver.herokuapp.com
Base URI auth_cas / baseuri cas/
Port auth_cas / port 443
CAS protocol version auth_cas / casversion CAS 2.0
CAS logout option auth_cas / logoutcas Yes
Multi-authentication auth_cas / multiauth Yes

5. Log out

6. Click the Log in link

7. Follow the "CAS users" link

8. You should be at casserver.herokuapp.com demo login page now. Fill the following demo credentials:

  • Username: casuser
  • Password: Mellon

9. Click "LOGIN"

10. You are redirected back to Moodle and authenticated as a new user. You are now asked to fill the empty user profile form. If you had the LDAP configured on the CAS settings page, it would now load user details for the user with the identifier "casuser".