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Martin Langhoff @ Milford Sound
Hi, I am a programmer.
Note these weeks I am transitioning from leading the elearning team @ Catalyst to a new "little" project: getting the School Server for OLPC ready for prime time. My new title is architect, but the job description is actually get it done, whether it is drawing pretty high level architecture plans or getting dirty with OS-level programming. I will be taking over from John Watlington as he shifts his focus towards the hardware side of the XS and XO) -- here is the XS roadmap we have today.
So the notes below are a bit outdated :-)

I work @ Catalyst IT, a Moodle Partner, developing and customizing Moodle for tertiaries in New Zealand. Most of our e-learning work was done under the NZVLE project, part of NZVLE is spearheading a lot of interesting e-learning projects - do get in touch!

Catalyst IT also has a lot of experience in the enterprise sector and high-scalability installations, with hundreds of thousands of users and courses. The team has some great people. You will see us posting in the Moodle forums often ;-)

I also hack on other interesting projects:

My personal focus is on leading Linux-based development projects, using PHP, Perl, Apache, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL and a few other trinkets. At home, add books on media, psychology and postmodernism.

In my spare time (?) I do some volunteer work for the Open Source community, particularly Debian.