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Hi, I am a programmer.

I work @ Catalyst IT, a Moodle Partner, developing and customizing Moodle for tertiaries in New Zealand. Most of our e-learning work is done under the NZVLE project, part of NZVLE is spearheading a lot of interesting e-learning projects, get in touch!

Catalyst IT also has a lot of experience in the enterprise sector and high-scalability installations, with hundreds of thousands of users and courses. The team has some great people, with Penny Leach, Jun Yamog, Greg Sutton, Peter Bulmer and a host of others here at Catalyst. You will see us posting in the Moodle forums often.

I also hack on other interesting projects:

My personal focus is on leading Linux-based development projects, using PHP, Perl, Apache, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL and a few other trinkets. At home, add books on media, psychology and postmodernism.

In my spare time (?) I do some volunteer work for the Open Source community, particularly Debian.