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This setup allows you to have multiple working directories while having them all linked and using the same repository which I believe is perfect for Moodle development where you sometimes want to view several versions of moodle at the same time but managing all those instances seperatly is an unnecessary hassle.

First create all the necessary directories:

# Data directories
mkdir -p ~/data/moodle/int/m/ ~/data/moodle/int/22/ ~/data/moodle/int/21/ ~/data/moodle/int/20/ ~/data/moodle/int/19/ \
~/data/moodle/pro/m/ ~/data/moodle/pro/22/ ~/data/moodle/pro/21/ ~/data/moodle/pro/20/ ~/data/moodle/pro/19/
# Code directories
mkdir -p ~/src/moodle/int/m/ ~/src/moodle/int/22/ ~/src/moodle/int/21/ ~/src/moodle/int/20/ ~/src/moodle/int/19/ \
~/src/moodle/pro/m/ ~/src/moodle/pro/22/ ~/src/moodle/pro/21/ ~/src/moodle/pro/20/ ~/src/moodle/pro/19/
# The seed directory
mkdir ~/src/moodle/.seed/

Create a symbolic link in your web root so you can access all of these directories via http://localhost/moodle/ (or whatever location you prefer)

sudo ln -s ~/src/moodle /var/www/moodle

Create the .seed repository for all the other working directories:

cd ~/src/.seed/