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Hi, I'm Aparup <a href="">Banerjee</a>. I'm an Indian who was brought up and educated in Singapore and i'm a recovered windows addict.

The guys at HQ call me <a href="">A</a>p<a href="">u</a>. I had just moved to Perth from Singapore in 2007 when I first met Martin and learnt more about moodle. After a few years of settling down in Perth, I'm now happy to be moodling.

Currently, I'm on the Sites team at Moodle HQ from where I perform a few functions:

  • Maintain and facilitate the <a title="Moodle plugins directory" href="">Moodle plugins directory</a> as well as developers using the system. This ties in with moodle too.
  • Maintain other sites, most recently launched was <a title="Learn moodle" href="">LearnMoodle</a>.

Some of my past roles at Moodle HQ include:

  • Developer and tester in the STABLE team
  • Integrator in the Moodle Product team (iTeam)

My wife, Indu, is a teacher at a local institute and I had for awhile taken a part-time position lecturing in this V.E.T sector. It was interesting to see teaching concepts in the classroom and how they could mapped to moodle in online delivery.

In spare time, <a href="'s_law&ei=cYMHUNXLEIOtiAf08cjoAw&usg=AFQjCNFD6t5ByInsveAkiZXEdF4dz4Fqzg&sig2=t4mnRFNHHHtffUHvRXk1Zw">Parkinson's law</a> tends to apply so i try to keep myself busy :-p. The rest of the time, i use for interests below.

I depend on beer lesser now for expressing myself but I'll still gladly talk about any of the following over beers:

  • technology geek
  • druid like naturistic tendencies
  • philosopher (much more so over a good drink)
  • forex
  • astronomy
  • electronics
  • cybernetics (biological and non)
  • AI
  • humans
  • beer
  • society

I also enjoyed helping out with testing our <a title="Moodle mobile app" href="">Moodle mobile app</a> :-) 

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