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I am the component maintainer for AJAX and Javascript.

My thoughts on the JavaScript Roadmap for 2.6 and beyond

Move all YUI modules into the Y.Moodle namespace (from M)

Priority: High

Target release: 2.6


At present, our YUI modules have historically been on the global M variable. The intention here is to move them to be under Y.Moodle.


One of the great features of YUI is it's ability to sandbox a module into a reliable and reusable piece of code. Without this, it's possible for one instantiation to modify the module such that a future instantiation of the same module is not reliable or repeatable.

One of the ways that it achieves this is to use a functionally scoped Y object set up by the YUI().use() statement. All of the modules specified in the use are loaded afresh (without re-fetching). The module definition is such that it will add itself to the Y object making it available.

In order to successfully sandbox Moodle YUI modules, these must also existing in that Y namespace.


Some modules may already rely upon the broken sandboxing to ensure that they can't be called multiple times. These will need to be identified and addresses on a per-case basis.

Backwards Compatibility

Achieved by pointing the old namespace at the new one.

Convert Y.use() to YUI().use()

Priority: High

Target release: 2.6


We currently load YUI modules in a single structure, which then *adds* modules to it's existing namespaces thereby preventing complete sandboxing:

  YUI().use('node', function(Y) {
    Y.use('moodle-core-example', function() {

This should be changed to:

  YUI().use('moodle-core-example', function(Y) {
    // Initially:
    // With the changes above:

Convert remaining modules to use Shifter - MDL-38284

Priority: High This is relatively high priority. It would be great to be able to have all YUI modules in a consistent shape to make it easier for new users to developer YUI modules for Moodle.

Introduce JS Unit Tests + Code coverage using istanbul

Track down all uses of YUI2 in Moodle

  • plan rewrites of them

Look at rewrites for

YUIdoc Documentation

  • Document common modules:
    • notification
    • tooltip
    • chooserdialogue
  • Document all other modules

Wiki documentation

  • Shifter
  • Modules
  • JQuery
  • FAQ
  • Getting Started
    • Environment
  • Peer Review guidelines


Key areas I'm currently working on

Some of my past project work