Moodle Mobile release process

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7 days before

# Task Responsibility
1. Create an issue in the tracker for the release, like: MOBILE-1248 Integration Lead
2. Update the local_moodlemobileapp plugin with new strings in Use the moodlemobile-scripts/json-to-string2.php to convert the build lang file to a valid string file.

This will allow translators to add the new strings during the days prior to the release.

Integration Lead

3 days before

# Task Responsibility
1. Backport to local_mobile (all branches) all the new required Web Services by new features.

Once all the Web Services are backported and tested, publish a new version in the plugins database (via TAGS) so admin can updates their sites.

Integration Lead
2. Add the release notes in the release issue created. Ask someone from the documentation team or Martin to review the release notes. Integration Lead
3. Contact the marketing announcing the new release and highlights . Integration Lead

1 day before (testing day)

# Task Responsibility
1. Review that upgrade.txt is updated and that there are not issues with the dev_docs_required tag Integration Lead
2. Auto translate strings with the script auto-translate2.php Integration Lead
3. Update language strings from AMOS using the script Integration Lead
4. Bump version numbers in config.xml and in errorreport.js (is hardcoded there).

Push all this changes using the release issue number.

Integration Lead
5. Update from master (git fetch moodlehq; git merge moodlehq/master master)

Execute gulp to build all the files

Integration Lead
6. Copy the code of the latest version to the moodlemobile-phonegapbuild repo

Execute gulp to build all the files

Integration Lead
7. Bump version numbers in /config.xml Integration Lead
8. Rebase for iOs and Android (all the commits that apply the specific styles, includes the errorreport.js library etc.. will be applied) Integration Lead
9. Create two different builds (one for ios and another one for android branch) in Phonegap Build using the Development certificate for iOs and not using any certificate for Android

And Start testing

All the team
10. Review the users and developers documentation (check that everything is in order). All the team

The release day

# Task Responsibility
1. Create a TAG/Release in github (moodlehq/moodlemobile2) with the version number. Integration Lead
2. Build the app for Android and iOs using the Distribution certificate. Integration Lead
3. Send the applications to the stores for review. Integration Lead
4. Update release notes Moodle_Mobile_Release_Notes with the notes reviewed in the issue. Integration Lead
5. Social media announcements (Forum and Twitter) All the team & Marketing team