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How to use Score Lock

The Score Lock block adds two tabs to the standard general settings for an activity, resource or section. These tabs determine the condition for entry and how the lock will appear to the student before and after they enter the item.

Basic steps

  • The teacher must add the Score Lock block to their course (see adding a block).
  • Select the activity, a resource or a section by clicking the edit icon Edit.gif or enter the item's settings.

In the above example, the teacher can set score lock for either section "1" or resource document "CCC".

Score lock Resource setting tabs.JPG
  • Use the "lock by score" tab to set the conditions of the lock
  • Use the "settings" tab to set the how the lock will appear to students
  • Note: if you are going to test locks in a course, you can only do that as a student, not as a teacher using the student view button.

"Lock by score" tab

Score Lock "Lock by Score" Tab Examples
Activity-Resource screen Section screen
Score Lock Requirements Lesson.JPG Score Lock Requirements Section1.jpg
Lesson Lock by score example Topic example

"Settings" tab

The settings tab has two parts: Completion and Locks. In "Settings" you may adjust, at what condition the module / section is completed plus some settings for visualization of completiton and/or locking.

Score Lock Setting Tab Examples
Activity-Resource screen Section screen
Score Lock Activity-Resource Settings2.jpg
Score Lock Section Settings2.jpg
Resource example Topic example


Be aware that entry into some modules (resources) will trigger completition of that module. To reset this values, you need to delete the logs (moodle log as well as the Score Lock log). You can do that from the Score Lock block shown below. Scl block.gif

  • First make sure that the option for deleting the Moodle logs is set to Yes (see example below. If it is set to No, the resource will still be counted as completed.
  • Also check your Score Lock settings for this course. Click on the edit icon in the score lock block to access settings.
  • Click the 'delete' link in the Score Lock block when you want to delete all student logs or specific student logs.

Score Lock block conf.jpg