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Talk:Plugin types

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Updating the Plugin types page

  • The order of plugin types to match the order in which core_plugin_manager::get_plugin_types() returns them
  • Legacy plugin types to be at the end of the list

To generate the full list, use the following script and manually merge it into the existing page.


// Put the file to the root directory of your Moodle installation and execute
// it via command line.

define('CLI_SCRIPT', true);

$pluginman = core_plugin_manager::instance();

cli_writeln('{| class="wikitable"
! Plugin type
! Component name ([[Frankenstyle]])
! Moodle path
! Description
! Moodle versions');

foreach ($pluginman->get_plugin_types() as $type => $dir) {
    cli_writeln('| [['.$pluginman->plugintype_name_plural($type).']]');
    cli_writeln('| '.$type);
    cli_writeln('| '.substr($dir, strlen($CFG->dirroot)));
    cli_writeln('| description');
    cli_writeln('| versions');


--David Mudrak (talk) 18:58, 20 May 2016 (AWST)