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I just want to put my own 2 cents. I would agree with the above posters that discussion forums, grading, and rating are all critical elements to effective wiki use in Moodle. In particular I think the lack of discussion forums in the current wiki is a shortcoming because it forces the collaboration to go outside of the wiki (which can be limiting to the whole collaborative process).

The grading/rating options are also terrific ways to help a teacher assess the results of the collaboration.

Features Request

Add to the page box NWiki seems to be missing the one feature that I use the most with students. That is the ability to easily add an "add to this page" box. I use the aniweb version of Swiki (Squeak Wiki--see [1]) One of it's nicest features is the "add to the page box" that is created by just starting any line with a + sign. The box can have several "flavors":

+Just an Add to the Page box that posts the new content above it so the box moves down the page.
+^Add to the page box that posts the new content below it so the box always stays in the same place
+@Add to the page box that puts the user, date, and time at the top of each entry
+_Add to the page box that puts a horizontal line between each entry

These are counted as page edits so the user is always tracked. However, there are no risks of editing collisions. I've used this for various people to take notes in a meeting, for students to comment on each other's work, for teachers to comment on student's work, etc. It's very useful and makes it much faster to comment on numerous pages rather than having to edit each one.

Simple Compact changes listing. Is it possible to have the option to get the changes listing without the picture? In a large class, the pictures take extra time to download and make the page run on excessively.

Lock in Editor Choice I'm currently using the version for 1.7, and I notice that every time a new page is created, the user can select the editor, but then can't change it later. Is it possible to have the option to lock in the editor when the wiki is created? --Derrel Fincher 12:45, 27 August 2007 (CDT)

Ability to create large numbers of wikis in one go We have several hundred courses and would like to create a standard wiki for each one. Right now with Moodle 1.9.2 and ewiki we've established that there's no easy way to do it: either do it manually or write a specialist script (which involves understanding the database taxonomy which doesn't seem to be documented anywhere).

It would be great if we were able to do this with nwiki and Moodle 2 - would save us a great deal of time in future. --Iain Roberts (iain at, 15:51, 23 September 2008