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"You are not required to run a specific version of Shifter, but this is the version that Moodle YUI modules will be built with and you may find it beneficial to do so too."

Is it problematic with requiring devs to run a specific version? Cos I suppose it'd be helpful if we all were running that same version? --Dan Poltawski 09:13, 11 March 2013 (WST)

It can be problematic, but I'm trying to improve that. If a developer works on another project also using YUI, and therefore Shifter, they may want to have a different version for that project. Shifter is typically installed in a global namespace making things tricky. I've been working on a solution by having a Moodle JS toolkit which depends upon shifter and wraps it. I completed a PoC last night ( but I'm planning to rewrite it using YUI, change it's structure, and add a few features. At this point we'll be able to ask developers to npm install mjs -g (or whatever I end up naming it) and then they can run mjs -s and it (should) do the 'right' thing. --Andrew Nicols 18:50, 11 March 2013 (WST)