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* Calendar events
* Calendar events
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Some standards:

Some notes:

  • In the UK the Becta has made a strategic case for SIF being adopted as the standard for interoperability between MIS systems, Learning Platforms (VLEs etc.) and other database systems that carry data for UK education. The UK SIF version 1.0 data model has been published and the next version 1.1 is available for review. See [1]
  • In the UK the dominant Information Management system is SIMS.net from Capita. This has a restricted IMS web services profile to connect to. See [2] Capita also have adopted the SIF data model and transport mechanism for their Partnership Exchange Server, a SIF Zone Integration Server which targets 14-19 diploma requirements. The diplomas will require MIS systems in secondary schools and sixth form colleges to have data interoperability for student information including attendance and assessment data.

Things to pass out:

  • Grades
  • Outcomes
  • Calendar events