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Site admin presets

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Site admin presets
Project state Completed
Tracker issue MDL-72112
Discussion Site admin presets in Moodle 4.0
Assignee Pimenko, Sara Arjona and Amaia Anabitarte

Moodle 4.0


As an admin

  • I want to load administration presets
  • So I can easily switch between different site admin configurations

This feature is partially implemented by the third-party plugin Admin presets, created by David Monllaó and maintained by developers from Pimenko. The plugin lets admins import/export admin settings. This project adds enabled/disabled plugins data too.

Acceptance criteria

  • The block should be converted to an admin tool.
    • A link "Site admin presets" (pointing to 3rd-party plugin main page) should be displayed in the Site administration.
  • The admin tool should follow the Moodle coding style and policy rules.
  • The “Auto exclude sensitive settings” setting should be checked by default.
    • The tool_admin_presets setting should be reviewed to confirm it includes all the sensitive settings that have been added recently.
  • Presets should also include plugins visibility in order to let admins export/preview/load the list of plugins and their visibility (the original third-party plugin only includes settings).
  • Moodle LMS should include, by default, 2 site admin presets, Starter and Full.
    • Starter will disable most of the settings and plugins in order to make it easier for users to find the most common features.
    • Full will include settings and plugins configuration as in Moodle 4.0

Starter preset setting changes

Site administration Action
Advanced features Disable comments, tags, notes, blogs, badges, analytics, competencies
Users / Privacy and policies Disable Show data retention summary
Courses / Activity chooser / Activity chooser settings Set Activity chooser tabs to "Starred, All, Recommended"
Plugins / Activity modules / Manage activities Hide chat, database, external tool, IMS content package, lesson, SCORM, survey, wiki, workshop
Plugins / Activity modules / Forum Maximum number of attachments = 3
Plugins / Authentication / Manage authentication Hide Guest login button
Plugins / Availability restrictions / Manage restrictions Hide Grouping, User profile
Plugins / Activity modules / Manage blocks Hide Activities, Blog menu, Blog tags, Comments, Course completion status, Courses, Flickr, Global search, Latest badges, Learning plans, Logged in user, Login, Main menu, Mentees, Network servers, Online users, Private files, Recent blog entries, Recently accessed courses, Search forums, Section links, Social activities, Starred courses, Tags, YouTube

Hidden by default since Moodle 4.0: Course/site summary, RSS feeds, Self completion, Feedback.

Plugins / Course formats / Manage course formats Disable Social format
Plugins / Data formats / Manage data formats Disable Javascript Object Notation (.json)
Plugins / Enrolments / Manage enrol plugins Disable Cohort sync, Guest access
Plugins / Filters / Manage filters Disable MathJax, Activity names auto-linking
Plugins / Question behaviours / Manage question behaviours Disable Adaptive mode (no penalties), Deferred feedback with CBM, Immediate feedback with CBM
Plugins / Question types / Manage question types Disable Calculated, Calculated multichoice, Calculated simple, Drag and drop into text, Drag and drop markers, Drag and drop onto image, Embedded answers (Cloze), Numerical, Random short-answer matching
Plugins / Repositories / Manage repositories Disable Server files, URL downloader, Wikimedia
Plugins / Text editors / Manage editors Disable TinyMCE HTML editor

Migrating from block_admin_preset to tool_admin_preset

There are no plans to create any migration tool or similar. However, the tool_admin_preset follows the same XML than the block_admin_preset so users can export their presets from the block_admin_preset and import them in the tool_admin_preset.

Defining the preset to be installed

A $CFG setting in the config.php file allows you to specify the preset which will be installed during the install process (MDL-73145):

// The site admin presets plugin has been integrated in Moodle LMS. You can use a setting in case you
// want to apply a preset during the installation:
//      $CFG->setsitepresetduringinstall = 'starter';