Self Enrolment API

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Self Enrolment API

The class enrol_self_plugin" contains a set of attributes and methods related to moodle self enrolment plugin implementation.



Find the sender contact details based on enrol_self/sendcoursewelcomemessage setting.

Based on the provided parameters (send option and context) it fetches the contact details and returns the user object that will be used as from address.

This setting can have four possible options:

  • Do not send Based on
    setting and represents not sending welcome email to users.
  • Send from course contact Matches
    constant defined on enrollib and depends of course contacs to be set on
  • Send from key holder Matches
    constant and retrieve contact details from the first user with
    capability assigned in the course.
  • Send from no reply address If none of those options above return a contact or if the setting is ENROL_SEND_EMAIL_FROM_NOREPLY<code>, fetch no reply contact for sending.

For more information about all possible sending constants and methods, please see Enrolment_API.