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SCORM reporting improvements

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SCORM reporting improvements
Project state Completed
Tracker issue MDL-27256
Discussion SCORM reporting improvements
Assignee Ankit Agarwal

Moodle 2.2

GSOC '11


This is a GSOC 2011 Project.The objective is improving the reporting of quiz elements for SCORM. Whenever a quiz style SCORM object is uploaded to Moodle , it passes back certain information to Moodle. Presently there is no way of reporting details of this push. This project is an attempt to counter the same.

Project Details


The reporting in SCORM for quiz style questions is very limited. Some SCORM objects don't even pass the information back to Moodle, but whenever they do in the standard way, we should provide a way to view these responses in a clearer manner. Teachers should be able to see clear reports stating not only the final result of the quiz, but also the details about every data element that SCO pushes back to Moodle. This an integral and important part that has been missing from the reporting. Thus objective of this project is basically to provide a standard GUI and export capabilities for the above situation. In this project we will try to develop an plug-gable model for SCORM reporting, something similar to what quiz module presently support. This will not only improve present SCORM reporting capabilities of MOODLE but also allow users to easily write custom reporting plugins of there which can be simply uploaded and used.

Module Architecture

The module will consist of following sub-modules:-

  • Core Plugin Container
  • Basic Reporting Plugin
  • Interaction Reporting Plugin

(See below for details.)

Plugin Structure

Each plugin is allowed to have following files and folders:


  • Report.php
  • lang/xx/scormreport_pluginname.php


  • Version.php
  • db/install.php
  • db/install.xml
  • db/upgrade.php
  • db/access.php

Report.php must extend the default reporting class "scorm_default_report" and the extended class must implement the method "display($scorm, $cm, $course, $download)", which should handle the core reporting feature. Some conventions that must be followed:-

  • Name of the extended class should be scorm_pluginname_report
  • scorm_pluginname_report must implement the function
  function display($scorm, $cm, $course, $download) {}
  • Each plugin must define the string "pluginname" in the lang files.

Core Plugin Container

This Sub-Module will act as the core of SCORM reporting providing a basic platform on which other custom reporting plugin can be built. It is basically like a board on which other plugins can be "plugged" to start working.

Basic Reporting Plugin

This plugin will basically a replication of the current moodle reporting converted to a plugin structure with few basic improvement.This is one of the very basic plugin and is to be included in the core along with the container.

Interaction Reporting Plugin

The interaction reporting plugin is designed to handle the display of some basic scorm data elements representing the student's response to questions and whether the response was correct or not. Something like the "responses" report for Quiz at present.


Milestone Status
Background Study Completed
Case Study Completed
Recreate the case and study. Completed
Separate User Reporting to a Generic file. Completed
Design the layout of the Plugin Container Completed
Code the Plugin Container Completed
Plan the layout for default plugins Completed
Code the Default plugins Completed
Design the layout Additional plugin Completed
Code the plugins Completed
Test the plugins Completed
Integrate all plugins Completed
Test Everything Completed
Clean and optimize all codes. Completed
Test Everything Completed
Document Everything Completed Scorm Reports


  • Basic Reporting

scorm reporting 2.png scorm reporting 3.png

  • Interaction Reporting screen capture 2011-12-2-13-16-27.png

Relevant Links

For more information please visit the following links:



The Road ahead

I have plans to include two more SCORM report plugins in future:-

Al-tough I am not sure if and when these will land in core, but I do hope it can be in time for MOODLE 2.3