Moodle 2.6 release notes

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Releases > Moodle 2.6 release notes


Release date: November 2013 (Not yet released)


These are just minimums. We recommend keeping all your software updated.

  • Recommended minimum browser: any recent Google Chrome, any recent Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle)
  • Moodle upgrade: Moodle 2.2 or later (if upgrading from earlier versions, you must upgrade to 2.2.9 as a first step)
  • Minimum DB versions: PostgreSQL 8.3, MySQL 5.1.33, MariaDB 5.2, MSSQL 2005 or Oracle 10.2
  • Minimum PHP version: PHP 5.3.3 (always use latest stable PHP 5.3.x, 5.4.x or 5.5.x on Windows)

NOTE: IE8 and Safari 5 are not fully supported any more, they should still work but they are not tested regularly and there might be some known problems. Like most of the world's web sites and browser producers, encourages you to keep your browsers current to improve security and functionality while saving us valuable time. (For example see what Google is doing)

Major new features

Assignment activity

  • MDL-38359 - New marker allocation and grading workflow settings
  • MDL-37621 - Admins can set assignment setting defaults

SCORM activity

  • MDL-28579 / MDL-41580 - Allow use of file aliases and direct linking to imsmanifest.xml inside an extracted zip in the file system repository.
  • MDL-39910 - Improved SCORM player with responsive design elements and better support for mobile devices.
  • MDL-39926 - New objectives report
  • MDL-41290 - Improved user level reporting with ability to export data.
  • MDL-41434 - When updating a SCORM package we no longer delete and re-create the scorm_scoes table - we now use a sortorder field.


  • MDL-31501 - New session drivers supporting files, database and memcached storage
  • MDL-40545 - New $CFG->localcachedir setting
  • MDL-41019 - Language caching improvements (local cache compatible)
  • MDL-41017 - htmlpurifier caching improvements (local cache compatible)

Other highlights

Security issues

For developers: API changes

  • MDL-39854 - Automatic class loader
  • MDL-39797 - New events infrastructure
  • MDL-41267 - Support for sub-plugins admin tool plugins
  • MDL-26943 - Support for sub-plugins in local plugins
  • MDL-20045 - Unofficial support for custom context levels
  • MDL-40359 - 3rd party libraries updated to latest versions
  • MDL-40940 - New phpunit testcase autoloader
  • MDL-23493 - Support for including a font through theme CSS