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The Moodle Project is designed to have a positive effect on the world by supporting and empowering the educators who are teaching students in all sectors, in all countries.

To do this, our team at Moodle HQ examines the problems around education and creates solutions in the forms of products that fit our values of education, openness, respect, integrity and innovation.

This page is your starting point for learning about our plans for upcoming releases of Moodle. Below you will find information on the features that are currently in progress and those being planned for future releases.

Inputs to the roadmap

Proposals for improvements and new features are sourced from a variety of different inputs. Feedback from the community is very important and you can reach us by creating new issues on tracker, joining the Moodle User Association to vote on a new project for each release, discussing your ideas on the forums, and meeting us in person at one of our MoodleMoots!

Moodle also has an extensive network of Moodle Partners. Moodle Partners are service providers that are certified by Moodle HQ to provide high quality Moodle services for schools, institutions and organisations. We work closely with our partners to determine the needs of Moodle Users and improve the platform.

Moodle 3.8 (November 2019 release)

The following main features and improvements will form part of Moodle 3.8.

  1. Forum enhancements. This is a project run in collaboration with the MUA.
    1. Ability to grade forum activity (MDL-66074)
    2. Student activity reports (MDL-66076)
    3. Exporting of forum content (MDL-66075)
    4. A new nested forum discussion look and feel will be available to test as a forum user preference setting (MDL-64821)
  2. H5P integration (MDL-66382).
    1. Integration of the H5P player lib (MDL-66609)
    2. H5P filter (MDL-66397)
    3. H5P button for Atto editor (MDL-66388)
  3. Improvements and new features for Learning Analytics.
    1. Bulk actions for insights (MDL-62191)
    2. New insight: students who have not logged in recently (MDL-65588)
    3. Insights results report (MDL-65562)
    4. Allow the python ML backend to run from a separate server (MDL-66004)
  4. Messaging improvements:
    1. Add emojis to messaging (MDL-65896)

During the Moodle 3.8 development cycle the HQ team have also commenced work on the following projects:

  • Activity dates relative to student enrolment dates.
    • We have commenced with implementation of relative activity dates for the assignment activity (MDL-66044 and MDL-61209). This is an experimental feature at this point in time until implementation is completed for assignment and the other activities.
  • Activity Chooser improvements.
    • We have commenced user research, tested some initial prototypes and more information will be shared soon.
    • Adding search, starring of activities and better organisation of the activities and resources.
  • Accessibility review
    • We are working towards an audit of Moodle's accessibility compliance.

Moodle 3.9 (May 2020 release)

The following main features and improvements are being considered and planned for the Moodle 3.9 release. Note that this list is still subject to change depending on prioritisation of our activities and some of these may go into subsequent releases.

  1. Further development of the H5P integration.
    1. Integration of H5P content types with Moodle gradebook and activity completion.
    2. Improved integration of H5P content type selection in Moodle's activity chooser.
  2. Activity chooser improvements.
    1. Adding search, starring of activities and better organisation of the activities and resources.
  3. MUA project. We are working with the MUA and reviewing their top two voted projects:
    1. Course Copy interface (MDL-64843)
    2. Participants page filters (MDL-64963)
  4. Accessibility improvements.
  5. MoodleNet integration.
  6. Assignment grading UX improvements.
  7. Improved Safe Exam Browser integration.
  8. Further work on relative activity dates.

Other projects that are under consideration are:

  • Simplifying course creation

Moodle 3.8 Dates

  • Code freeze (no new features accepted): 7th October 2019
  • QA cycle (start of QA testing): 14th October 2019
  • Scheduled release date (once QA passed): 18th November 2019

Moodle 3.9 (LTS) Dates

  • Code freeze (no new features accepted): 6th April 2020
  • QA cycle (start of QA testing): 13th April 2020
  • Scheduled release date (once QA passed): 11th May 2020

Moodle releases

See our Releases page for information about past releases. After Moodle 2.0 we switched to time-based releases rather than feature-based releases (see our development process). Because of this, the details above on future releases are an indication of current priorities only, and are targeted to be released in the upcoming releases. Anything not ready by the next release date will generally be pushed to the following major release.

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