Required code upgrades

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This page lists all changes that may be needed to be done in 3rd party modules and other integration code.

Moodle 2.0

Note to developrs: please keep adding more info here ;-)


New Data Manipulation Layer (DML)

  • All database calls must be updated - new bound parameters syntax, magic quotes not used any more, see DB layer 2.0 migration.

File API

It consists of three parts:

  1. file storage - modules can not access the course files anymore, they must store alll files in own area
  2. file browsing - each module/plugin defines what files are browsable and acessible
  3. file serving - each plugin/module is responsible for file sending though pluginfile.php
  • Handling of files in backup/restore needs to be fully rewritten too.
  • File uploading in formslib fully rewritten - old API should not be used

Upgrade code

  • Upgrade allowed only from 1.9.x (upgrade of contrib modules does not do version tests yet)
  • Backup/restore must use new DDL API.
  • Concurrent upgrades are now prevented.

Messaging reimplemented

Mailing and notifications from modules needs to be updated (not finished yet)


Other changes

These changes might affect some unsupported core code customisations. Modules and other plugins should not be affected.

  • rewritten course category sorting