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The RSS API is a core system in Moodle to allow you to create secure RSS feeds of data in your module.

These RSS feeds can then be syndicated by other websites or aggregated by a feed reader.

Any Moodle module can generate RSS feeds to allow secure access to it's data.

File Locations

The primary functions for the RSS API is located in lib/rsslib.php

Additional functions and usage examples can be found in the following files:

  • blog/rsslib.php
  • mod/data/rsslib.php
  • mod/forum/rsslib.php
  • mod/glossary/rsslib.php


Below you will find examples on how to use the RSS functions within your own modules.

Creating an RSS feed

Caching an RSS feed

Retrieving a cached RSS feed

Database structure

Field Type Info
id int(10) auto increment identifier
queuedeventid int(10) foreign key id corresponding to the id of the event_queues table
handlerid int(10) foreign key id corresponding to the id of the event_handlers table
status int(10) number of failed attempts to process this handler
errormessage text if an error happened last time we tried to process this event, record it here.
timemodified int(10) time stamp of the last attempt to run this from the queue

Standards for naming events

Events which exist


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